Keep Your Engine in Good Shape with Coolant Service

Since the engine cooling system is one of the most important areas of the vehicle because it keeps the engine from overheating, it's important to maintain the system properly. Visit Budd Baer Auto to have someone check the fluid levels and to determine if there are any leaks that would cause a loss of coolant.

A radiator pressure test can be performed to see if there are any leaks. You can visually inspect the coolant tank and the belts associated with the cooling system to see if there is any fluid present. Our technicians can check perform a thermostat test to determine if it's opening and closing as it should, keeping the coolant flowing properly and the engine at the proper temperature instead of overheating.

If any issues are seen, we can replace the components and fill the radiator and reservoir so that your vehicle doesn't overheat while you're driving. While you're driving, pay attention to the water temperature gauge to see if it increases or stays at a steady level while the car is in motion or while you're stopped.



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