Buick LaCrosse Safety Features You'll Want to See

Why is the Buick LaCrosse such a popular sedan this year? Take a look at some of these unique safety features and you’ll understand what has drivers raving.

Taking the Buick LaCrosse on the highway is safer than ever due in part to the Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone features. How this works, if any car rolls into the blind spot around the LaCrosse, the feature triggers an alert so you can avoid making a move until the coast is clear.

Put the new LaCrosse in reverse, soon as another car is with 65 feet of the rear of your vehicle the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature turns on. Now you can wait a second before rolling backward straight into another vehicle behind you.

Be sure to stop by Budd Baer Auto so you can see these safety features and more when you take the Buick LaCrosse for a test drive.

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