Why Getting a Full Tank of Gas Helps in Winter Driving Conditions

If more drivers knew of all the potential pitfalls of driving without a full tank of gas in the winter, they may reconsider passing the gas station so often. Here are a few reasons to top off with fuel daily if possible during the winter months, courtesy of our Washington, PA showroom.

The full gas tank makes the rear of that vehicle extremely heavy. This is important when you want to allow the tire tread all the chances it can get to grip slippery roads. Less gas in the tank means the car is more likely to slide on black ice too. The condensation in the gas tank forms more readily when there is more space. With less fuel in the tank, those water droplets turn to ice and fall into the tank in the freezing weather. If the ice blocks the fuel line, the car cannot start.

These freezing weather tips from Budd Baer Auto will make traveling safer, so be sure to keep them in mind during your rides!

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