Two Critical Mazda CX-3 Safety Features

With the new Mazda CX-3 now at the lot at Budd Baer Auto, we thought today would be the ideal time to discuss safety features in this popular subcompact crossover.

One of the unique ways that the new Mazda CX-3 can aid in avoiding accidents on the road is by way the Pre-Collision Assist feature. Sensors in the front of your vehicle can scan ahead using radar to detect the risk of a collision. If present, you'll receive a number of warnings to slow down before the braking system starts pre-charging to bring you safely to a stop.

You'll be safer in your new Mazda CX-3 than you even realize. This vehicle comes equipped with the Lane-Keeping system, which is going to carefully monitor the position of your vehicle as notify you when it slowly leaves the lane. If this occurs, your steering wheel starts to vibrate so that you realize it is time to quickly get back control of the vehicle.



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