GMC Canyon Interior Features

The GMC Canyon is a mash-up of convenience and comfort that accommodates the specific driving needs of every driver. From custom packages to already amazing interior and exterior perks, the Canyon adds depth and enjoyment to your driving experiences. Who knew your everyday commutes could be something you looked forward to?

The exterior of the GMC Canyon is all about power and performance, while the interior is absolute luxury. For protection, insulation, and noise reduction, there are triple-sealed doors and a soft-touch instrument panel and well-insulated dashboard. For superior comfort and warmth, the driver and passenger seats are heated leather with dual-density cushions.

Our team at Budd Baer Auto can easily match you with the GMC Canyon of your dreams. However, we know that you need hands-on experience before you make a big decision. So, head down to see us for a Canyon test drive whenever you have the time.



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