Mazda6: Imported Sedan With Premium Technology

The Mazda6 is the type of sedan that gives you a taste of modern luxury at a reasonable price. You could ask Budd Baer Auto for quotes on the Grand Touring Reserve, Signature and other models of this imported car.

The mechanics under the hood of this Mazda vehicle are controlled by a signature technology that is simply known as SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. A turbocharged engine block with a 2.5 L displacement completes combustion in an efficient way. The Dynamic Pressure Turbo function is nicely integrated into this powerful engine that utilizes direct injection for the delivery of fuel.

Besides having great mechanical technology, the Mazda6 is available with the latest electronic amenities, such as an 8-inch infotainment system. Voice-activated navigation software is optional in the patented MAZDA CONNECT multimedia platform. Additionally, an audio system that was made by Bose is available to entertain up to five people in this Japanese-designed vehicle.



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