GMC Acadia Comes With Unique Safety Features

Take a ride to Budd Baer Auto today and you can get behind the wheel of the new GMC Acadia and see these and other safety features in action.

The new GMC Acadia is going to not only make driving safer, it can help make it easier too. With the Enhanced Active Park Assist feature, your vehicle can locate and park without much assistance from the driver. Activate this feature, it scans the road until a parking space is found, then steers your vehicle into position while prompting you to simply shift and then brake.

The rear-view camera system in the new GMC Acadia will make driving safer. The system is activated once shifted into reverse, transforming the center console monitor into a camera lens. Now you can see all the items stationary or moving directly behind you so that you can begin rolling back cautiously and taking the appropriate action.



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