Adding The Subaru Outback To Your Family Of Cars

From exceptional gas mileage to smooth handling, the Subaru Outback is a vehicle that you want to consider adding to your home. You can stay safe while driving on the roads in Washington by using the Driver Assist feature. There's also a rearview camera that shows what's behind you when you're in reverse.

There is an abundance of space for carrying passengers and cargo from the front of the wagon to the back. The roof rack holds more cargo than similar vehicles, a feature that you might enjoy if you plan on taking long road trips with a lot of luggage.

With the four-cylinder engine, you're not going to have a lot of power, but it's enough for driving on city streets and results in better gas mileage. Another feature that you might like is that the off-road capability is better than other wagons and sedans. Consult with Budd Baer Auto about handling features for various road conditions.



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