10 Steps To Repair

  1. Schedule an appointment with our staff to have your vehicle's damage inspected
  2. Drop your vehicle off at Budd Baer Collision Center for repairs
  3. Damage Analysis - your vehicle will be disassembled by a certified technician and your repair will be blueprinted by a licensed estimator to verify that any damage hidden by exterior panels is identified, and the necessary parts are ordered. Since most collisions cause damage to your vehicle that is not visible during an initial estimate, this is the step where the true scope of the damage becomes clear. If you are having your repair fixed under an insurance claim we will contact your insurance adjuster at this point to confirm any additional repairs needed
  4.  Structural or Frame Repairs - after your parts have arrived we will complete any structural repairs necessary to repair your vehicle. Since most vehicles today are built on a Uni-Body design rather than a full frame, our certified heavy repair technicians will repair your vehicle with the latest technology and training available. Safety is our top priority!
  5. Sheet Metal Repairs - once your vehicle's structure is returned to factory specifications, or if your repairs are of a cosmetic nature, our sheet metal repair techs will repair the body of your vehicle to take out the dents, scrapes, and scratches. 
  6. Paint - with the latest technology in waterborne paint and refinishing equipment, our paint team will prepare and refinish your vehicle to return that new car shine to your damaged vehicle. Our certified paint team mixes our paint colors on-site and are trained to find the best color match possible.
  7. Reassembly - after your vehicle is painted our reassembly technicians will start rebuilding your vehicle. This is the stage where trim is reinstalled and your exterior panels are returned and fit to your vehicle
  8. Final Clean - once your vehicle is rebuilt our staff will clean your vehicle. At this point we will wash your exterior, vacuum your interior, and clean your windows.
  9.  Final Quality Check - as with any product or service, it is important that each customer's repair be checked before completion to make sure that our quality standards are being met. At this point our licensed estimators will check over your vehicle and make sure that it is complete and ready to be delivered back to you without defects. As your repairs near completion our customer service staff will contact you to begin arranging a delivery appointment to return your completed vehicle to you, however they will not be able to make a specific appointment until this quality check has been completed in order to guarantee the best possible product to our customers
  10. Pick-up Your Vehicle - after all of the repairs are complete and your quality check has been accepted we will call you to arrange delivery of your repaired vehicle. At this point you will receive a final copy of your repair invoice. Any insurance payments or deductibles as well as any out of pocket charges will be owed at this time.