As vehicle manufacturers continue to develop new materials and technology to make vehicles safer and more fuel efficient, we have to invest in the latest technology to repair those vehicles properly. At Budd Baer Collision Center you can rest assure that we are investing in the necessary technology to offer the safest and most reliable repairs possible.
Frame Measuring and Repair...

Both of our Chief frame machines are designed to properly return your vehicle to manufacturer's specifications.

The Velocity laser measuring system is what our technicians use to measure exactly where your vehicle's structure has been changed and where it needs to be when their repairs are finished to the millimeter.


Welding Equipment...

We utilize the Pro Spot STRSW spot welding system to be able to replace welded panels with the same type of welds that your vehicle leaves the factory with.
Paint Equipment...

We utilize the latest waterborne paint spraying technology in all of our Global Finishing Solutions Ultra Efficient paint booths


Refinishing Technology...

In 2010 Budd Baer Collision Center changed our paint system from a solvent based product to the Sherwin-Williams AWX waterborne paint system in an effort to help reduce our environmental impact and utilize the latest in refinishing technology.

Customer Service Experience...

In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment utilized in our repairs, we also utilize the latest technology in our office to communicate with our customers and insurance partners throughout the repair process. Those resources include:

  • Phone, Text, and Email repair status updates
  • Online rental status updates direct to Enterprise Rent-a Car
  • Facebook and Twitter posts keeping our customers informed about the latest trends in vehicle safety
  • Online repair status photos through Autowatch for participating insurance partners


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